Andy T. Evans


Artist's Statement

When I look at the world I try to capture the things you see every day but never look at. Our world is filled with amazing, interesting, and often beautiful objects we take for granted. We seldom notice the detail work on an old steel fire escape, yet some one spent hours designing it and putting themselves into it. When we do look at it, actually stop and look at it we can start to truly appreciate the beauty and greatness of our surroundings. We can see the objects in our environment for what they are not just what they do. That is exactly what I try to do, look at what we all see. In my photographs I try to show the glory in every day objects and places. I also like to bring out the emotion places and objects can possess. You can start to relate to an empty, lonely train station at night if you actually look at and not just see it. Although pictures of people are few in my work, I have tried to convey the emotions people put in objects they made or affected. You will also see my emotions and feelings reflected in all the things I look at. I have used my camera to help me better see myself and the world I exist in every day.


Pixs comming soon......