Lyla Couzens


Lyla Couzens was raised in Nanaimo, British Columbia, and moved to Calgary to attend the Alberta College of Art. Upon completion of her studies Lyla worked for several years as a commercial artist. With the addition of two children to her family, Lyla changed directions artistically and took a fine art approach to her work allowing her to concentrate on her love for watercolour and at the same time stay home with her children. Working in a carefully planned approach, she begins with a detailed drawing and then adds several transparent layers of watercolour to the composition. Lyla loves to capture the beauty that light plays on her subjects, taking them from mundane to magnificent. She finds inspiration in simple objects and her work is a celebration of the unseen beauty found in everyday objects. Lyla shows her work in several galleries and continues to attend workshops and classes whenever possible.


Artist's Statement

My work is a celebration of life. I have a profound joy in my heart just by looking at simple things. The stunning beauty of everyday life surrounds me. I like to stop and look quietly at things and will often hear myself gasp at what is before my eyes. "Look at that!!" I say to myself. Objects lose their definitions and boundaries and become a mass of reflections, shadows and highlights. Colours bounce and intensify just by being next to one another and light harmonizes it all with a lovely, golden glow. Something very simple is suddenly something quite spectacular. I love watercolour with a passion that matches the beauty I see. It has a magical translucent nature. It radiates beneath the paper as layers of paint are added to intensify the colours. My hope is that my artwork will inspire viewers to stop and indulge themselves in the spectacular beauty of life before them.