Maida Antigua


Artist's Statement

So much beauty in this world surrounds us. So much beauty bombarding our senses sometimes dulls our awareness and our sense of appreciation. The majesty of sunrises, sunsets and nature in all of its glory sometimes blinds us to the beauty of our everyday surroundings and accoutrements. We start taking things for granted. It is so easy to get out of the mode of being consciously alive and to slip into plain old unconscious existence, especially when we are caught up in the day to day grind and struggle to meet our work and social obligations.

The photographs, paintings and poems I create are my little exercises and journals in my quest to develop a heightened awareness and consciousness in the process of living on this earth. I force myself to look at ordinary everyday things more closely, beyond their function, and in a "different light". In so doing, I can't help but look for the sublime in the most mundane and everyday things that surround me in my home and wherever I may happen to be. To be conscious, one must pay attention and heed what our senses and feelings are constantly conveying to us. In so doing, one is able to use all of one's senses to the nth degree. In my photography, painting, and in my poetry, I would like to think that I am seeing and listening, not only with my eyes, but with my heart as well.

I love light, how it defines things and surfaces, and its varied effects on everything around us. Light coming from within has always filled me with wonder and peace. It is not surprising therefore that I keep photographing things with light showing through them. The most ordinary of things somehow become transformed into something truly beautiful and poetically peaceful when it is made to shine from within. Maybe, it is a metaphor of my subconscious desire to connect with the spirituality of my fellow beings. Everybody is beautiful if you look for their light from within and behold the essence and the soul.

My hope is that, after you see my work, you too will see and appreciate the world and your everyday surroundings even more consciously or "differently".