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Now you can get fresh Grass-fed organic Milk at your doorstep



Grass-fed Organic Cream line Milk!

Grass-fed organic milk is some of the healthiest milk you can buy.
BEWARE before you buy please note, this is not homogenized and since it is grass fed it will pick up flavors from the seasonal plants. Many people love this, but it is different then what you will get at the grocery store.
Why its so good?
-Grass-fed Many commercial milk producers feed there cows things we would not want to eat. And regular organic milk does not require the cows to eat organically.

-Whole Creamline Un homogenized milk that naturally separates into skim and cream. It is easier to digest and lowers your bad cholesterol, which helps reduce the risk of atherosclerosis (heart disease).

-Organic Happy cows make good milk, and these are some healthy happy cows. Milk is produced without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, synthetic hormones, or antibiotics. These cows are also locally raised right here in Indiana, not at some industrial complex.

Read more about it on the diaries web site

We get our milk from Traders Point Creamery, One of only a handful of the grass-fed organic diaries in the USA

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