Finally! Someone decided to remove the shackles without using nuclear!!!  

Sweden Makes huge step in the right direction!



On 1/24/06, Justin  wrote:

What's wrong with nuclear?

This is sounds like they're prepared for this but who really
knows.  It's got to put a damper on your economy to phase out such a
cheap form of energy.

But I agree that's a huge deal.  If it works, and spreads, a whole lot
of the world's problems would just disappear.

- Justin.

On 1/24/06, Andy  wrote:
My responce: 


The damper on the economy is a fallacy, which big industries perpetuate. It will lower healthcare costs, by the general health of society going up. The cost also of cleaning the air via scrubbers and the actually cost of getting fuel all the time, will be balanced out in the long run by the almost free energy created after the initially very high cost of upgrading. With our house I figured out I can go completely off the electric grid for around 3-5k, that will save me 100-200 a month for as long as I own my home. That also will not take into mind the rising cost of gas and electricity. Also this will pass savings down to the people of the country and create some jobs making the upgrades, which will give people in the country more money to spend, thus helping the economy. AS LONG as the GOVERMENT supplements the upgrading, it will be positive on all grounds. Plus as seen with Volvo there is no reason big companies cant be green just because, there are many reasons why doing whatís right is more profitable in the long run. If our country would put the money we spend every year on renewable energy, maybe we would not have to go to war to GET oil.

And for nuclear, it is simple, it is safe 99.9% of the time but if it fails It fails. We almost had a Chernobyl at 3 mile island. Few people know how close we came. Imagine if that happened in Michigan City. Chicago would be inhospitable, long with South Bend. Basically they require regular maintenance and upkeep, and if money is not there for them they will be at risk. Look at the power industry in California. When they ran out of money, in the cases the government didn't step in and give them money, they went under. Imagine if they start cutting corners, it does happen. Then look at what they make, they produce Nuclear waste. Now we use large sums of it in our antitank warheads, but what after the war is over. It takes 1000's of years for it to become safe. We have now vast store houses in the desert now, full of waste. Waste that has to be guarded and looked after until at least 3000! And shooting it into space is just a childish idea. If cold fusion was real, and not just a pipe dream then that would be different. Why should we keep making and using power production that requires input. Wind, waves, light, and water are all free. WHY not use them or at least put some money into researching how to improve the technology. Solar cells are only 20% efficient now, and they still are only $5 per kilowatt. Imagine what they could be. Well thatís my rant, good day.