The About me page!



Just a little about me....

I usually hate writing about myself, but I decided I needed one of the cliché About me pages...  Sooo let me think about it, what do we need...? Well I got the goofy picture I found laying around. Should have used one of the naked ones, they were newer, but then I would have to charge for the site;) Awwww what else? Screen name, yeah I guess I can make it public... but if you IM looking for tech support and such for free... I'll block your hinny. So if you want to say HI!, or need a new friend... my AIM id is coolate. Ok now what else do I need.... ok stats! I am a Male, I am not single (I have a great Girlfriend, so sorry women, you can look but can't touch!) 24, 6'4", Scorpio and like walks on the beach. Whew this is hard... Ok how about hobbies. I have a bunch of those... I guess I can name a few... I will name them in a messy list for your reading pleasure: Ebay, cars, computers, photography, inventing/building, talking, traveling, nature, learning new thing, and all sorts of other stuff. Not much else I can think of to say about myself... If you have any questions or answers for that matter, EMAIL me!