Notes and thoughts on Bee sting treatment for Cancer and many other diseases

Bee stings can be used as treatment for many things like skin cancer. I want to explore how it is done, how effective it is, why it works, and finally how to use what makes it work. I also want to make available all the resources that one might want to know about it.  This is a page I am adding to as I read and research other work others have done. Email me if you have info or would like to participate in gathering information, or testing,


It has been used since ancient times for various things. The scientific community has done many studies on the venom of honey bees. The US Army also did testing. 

Used to help:
Skin cancer, arthritis

Traits So what is Honey Bee venom?:
what does it consist of, what does it do?

Techniques for use:
In the most common situations the bees made to sting the area of treatment.


Theories and ideas why it works:
There are over 1000 chemical compounds in the bee venom


Ideas for use:
Isolate the chemicals that cause the healing and anti inflammatory traits. Make a way to send the venom to internal problem areas