Biodiesel and WVO, SVO conversion info and notes.

Biodiesel notes:
Looks like we need a wash barrel or possibly 2, drums work fine, plastic or metal. There is a place by mike that sells them for $10 each….

It is a fairly simple possess, all it involves is methanol (stuff found in heet) oil, and a catalyst (lye aka red devil)

The wash tank is simple too, well some of them are, the one most use is a bubble bath type, where simply a looped hose is on the bottom of the tank and a fish tank aerator blows bubbles though it.

To fill you simple pump screened or filtered oil in, that's why some have a pre tank to filter into, aka a screen on top of a tank on the fill hose. When the prossess is done you pump to the wash tank, then prossess further, it is all laid out nice on the web sites.


The book, we should buy this…

Main site


Where we should start…

Form of people who made them

Here is a nice description with better price breakdown and pixs:


Links that are handy later maybe:

For methanol collection

Info on recovery of methinal