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Buffalo meat or Bison really is some of the healthiest meat one can eat. With a lower fat content then chicken and lots more tasty nutrition then beef, it is certainly worth a try. Making bison meat even more attractive is the fact the USDA requires them to eat wild grass. Unlike regular beef they don't use antibiotics, or hormones per the FDA! Containing 69% more Iron and 25% more protein the beef it is a better value for your dollar even though it costs more. It also has fewer calories, 1/4 the fat found in beef, and is lower in cholesterol. Bison meat will give you piece of mind in knowing it was not razed on a factory farm and lived a happy existence before becoming your lunch.


From the extinction of the buffalo

The American buffalo as we call it, really is a Bison. The plains region of the US at one time was home to millions of Bison. They were the lively hood of the plains indians. The Native Americans used all parts of the Bison they would kill, so there was no waste. The used the bones for tools, fur for cloths and shelter, and meat for food. It was not until the rail roads went west and the white man expanded to the west that the numbers decreased. The rail roads and the government initiated programs to kill of the Bison. The main reason was to force the Native Americans to leave sense Bison was there lively hood. It was reasoned that killing off the bison would be the easiest way to defeat them. By the close of the 1800 the American Bison was almost extinct. As few as 750 bison existed in 1890. This also caused major problems in the plains eco-system not to mention the people that lived harmoniously with them.

Bison heads in the 1870s

Now the bison numbers are returning, there are around 350,000 total in the USA. This maybe a far cry from the Millions that once roamed the plains, but is much higher then there numbers after the extermination attempt. Most modern Bison are no longer pure, they are cross bread with Cattle. Although a few herds still exist, they have live in small numbers on a preserve.

A mother and calf

Info and facts

The Bison is the largest mammal in the Americas, it can get over 6 feet tall and weigh upwards of 1 TON! They are 9-12 feet long and both males and females have horns. A running Bison can get up to speeds of 45 MPH eve though they may appear slow. The are a fierce fighter when provoked. You can find a male or bull, by the larger size and the beard they have. A bison mixed with a cow is called ether a cattalo or Beefalo.


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