I Finally Start a Blog…

Well after years of talking about it, fiddling with webpages of my own, face-booking and twittering. I finally decided to use a blog interface to share my ideas. I have resisted for a long time for many reasons. Since I like doing my own custom code for things(like foodaroo.com) I felt reservations about using a cookie cutter blog like wordpress. It is so well done though It would take ALOT of work on my part to even get half as good. I still believe it is not the best way to organize thoughts, ideas, opinions and “posts”.  Good posts and ideas get lost in the mundane, and its hard do clear and organized DIYs. I will try and effectively use tags though and post links from my main coolate.com site best I can. Also I will EVENTUALLY customize the look, but not until I get some content on here worth reading.

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