Vacation to Yellowstone!

I am about to go on a Road trip with Isabel to Yellowstone! I think this will be a blast, AND the perfect opportunity to test out the blog 😉 I have some reservations about posting publicly where I will be and more importantly where I am not. But with David and the dogs still at the house, and Dean and the neighbors watching out too if David is working, I am not to worried. Stay tuned for updates and links to pictures!

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2 Responses to Vacation to Yellowstone!

  1. smartgal0830 says:

    I think this is going to be an awesome trip!!!! We are going to have SOOO much fun! 🙂

  2. Isabel says:

    We are only 2 days always, after hours of cleaning, and making sure the pups and kitty are safe with david, it’s almost time for us to embark on our great get away! To see the real America! Whenever I think of America on an international perspective I always think west, although I’ve never been there! This s going to be an amazing experience 🙂