Old news from the old index page…

I like wordpress so much I am going to retire the old index page. I will keep it on the sever just for laughs later(it is very dated). It will be http://www.coolate.com/oldindexpre2009.html That’s not to be confused with my really really old site I made back in 1999-2002, which is still archived here: http://coolate.com/oldsite/oldsite.html

I am coping the news here from the old site, even though it is really old, I want to archive it on here so its searchable. Anyway here we go:

New Blog to replace this main page
I am slowly moving all my links to a wordpress blog page sence the look and feel of this page is OLD. I will keep this up to not break any old links to it. The blog will also follow my trip out west this summer!
Check out the blog! coolate.com/blog

Foodaroo.com Now open!
My latest site full of restaurant reviews, Menus, and Pictures. You can add your favorite local restaurants for free!
Check it out! Foodaroo.com

CurrySimple! Make Authentic Thai at home!
Check out my Review
Go to their Site: http://www.currysimple.com

Howard Park Neighborhood Association Site online:
I am making a site for our great neighborhood group. I am almost done, check it out and let me know what you think!

Roof top gardening in the big city?!

Music online:

Better yourself for FREE!

Make your own Bio diesel! Here is how!

Best sidewalk art ever…

Apple IIGS on line(updated link)!!!

The FUTURE IS HERE!!! well not really… At least the future page is!

1981 Cover showing the future of computing!

1981 Cover showing the future of computing!

and finally: ecopsychotic you know I am

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