Project Garage is officially squirrel proof!

With a lot of help from my Dad, Jennifer, and Dean we got the soffits and fascia’s installed on bolth sides today! We also finished siding all the new parts of the garage. So its rain proof too now! Woot! So hopefully no animals will be hanging out in the garage pooping on things. I will post some pictures of the blue and green beauty later.

I am still quite confused why they have to make soffits so hard to work with. It seems like it could be so much easier, and sturdier if it was in one piece, and you did not have to cut 20 little ones per side. Of course it would help if everything was square…. At any rate, it was almost 9 hours work to seal it up that way, and I still feel that there has to be a better, more sturdy way to do it. Oh well maybe next time I will make a flat roof with plants on it. 🙂

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