Bill Maher on the Situation room is dead on

Thought I would share this video, hope it stays up. Bill Maher is dead on about the obsession with profit in all things. He also nails the Gates situation and makes some logical jabs at Sarah Palin (yeah I know easy target). What he says about Gates arrest though, expresses my feelings to the letter. It is not a racial issue. Why can anyone be arrested for being belligerent in there own home. Some, definatly not all police, play the roll of bully, and if you do not kiss their butt, you will pay. Wether it be a ticket or in this case going to jail. Police have a hard job, and the majority that are great and doing a great service to this country should be angry and outraged that a very few get this way and spread a bad reputation and fear of police. Ok start the angry comments…. now.

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