On the way to Montana eating all the way!

One of our goals on this trip was to eat local specialties and favorites everywhere we went. We have had a great start to that. On the way to North Dakota we stopped and got a chicago dog(for completeness 😉 ) Then in Wisconsin we got some cheeses of course. We ate at a locally famous diner in St Paul Minnesota. In North Dakota we got sunflower seeds, ate burgers made from local beef, and later tried the famous and very delicious corn chowder. We also ate at a diner chain that is popular in the area. In Montana I had a local steak that was amazing! It was right from the open range and freshly butchered. Isabel was not as thrilled with me getting that. 😉 At the battle site of Little Big Horn we ate some fried Sioux bread with honey that I am going to have to try making someday. Today I had a buffalo burger. It was wonderful also. Yes we did more then eat! I will leave that stuff for another post though.
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  1. i think i know you says:

    You keep eating all that red meat and cheese and you’ll have a heart attack before you get back home. Try eating some fish doofus 🙂 You did go through the “land of a thousand lakes” a good local fish dinner -Not fried- should have been real easy. Catch ya latter