Yellowstone trip!!

Post by Isabel
It is day four and the first time I really have time to Journal. We are in Miles City Montana and t is beautiful. Yesterday we were in Bismark North Dakota, and before that we stayed in St Cloud Minnesota. So I’m a couple of days behind, so to recap.

Minnesota was pretty cool, but when we got there it was so late we really couldn’t see much, although we did eat at a really cool greasy spoon dinner (there are and will be lots of those) The business has been around since the 60’s and had an excellent Omlete, the only thing was cheese was extra and I didn’t know so I didn’t order it, silly Indiana me thought that the cheese came automatically.

After that we drove to St. Cloud where we spent the night. We stayed at a place called the Thrifty motel, at first look, it looks like something from Psycho, or one of those many cheesy Horror movie motel flicks. But it wasn’t in-fact the people were Super nice!! And this may sound cheesy but I also really like there accent it gave me that Minnesota feel.

Next morning Andy and I packed our bags and headed out to North Dakota, we saw some really awesome things in Fargo, well to back track there are a lot of Giants in North Dakota! We saw the giant Cat Fish, a Giant Missile,  largest stack of Empty cans (Andy’s idea), and of course the all the wonders on the Enchanted highway , but that is not until after Bismark! But at Fargo we ate at a really neat and futuristic restaurant called Space Aliens grill and bar (recommended by road side America) it seems like it might be some sort of chain, which we try to eat locally but it was still pretty neat. Then we decided to be Gluttons and eat french fries and drink milk shakes at a small North Dakota chain Krolls (I will double check the spelling later). Anyway after our long day we went to Bismark to rest our heads.

After Bismark we made our way up a hill first so see Sue the Giant cow in Salem North Dakota then down south through the Enchanted highway filled with Giants every 5 to 10 miles the road is beautiful art work and the beauty of the plains just makes it better. After the enchanted highway we headed back North to get back on 94 and on our way we saw the beginning of the North Dakota bad lands and the Teddy Roosevelt National park. This is the part of the vacation I was really looking forward to! We hiked a small trail through the bad lands and all I could see was Immense beauty. At the Bad Lands there was sign that said writer can’t describe the beauty and the feeling they get when they see it, and it’s true. There is this beauty and Immensity that makes you feel that your trivial city worries really aren’t that big. That life is beautiful and to truly live life you need to see true beauty. Beauty our mother nature gave us. Last night I told Andy we have see a lot of great Architecture that was made by man, but we have also seen a lot of beauteous architecture that was made by Nature and it’s a great feeling.

After the Bad lands we made our way to Miles city Montana (on the way we saw Giant Dinosaur). Miles city is a cute little city. We ate at a great restaurant called the Board walk a local favorite. And I saw real cowboys!! Now mind I am very city, and island I grew up between Cleveland Ohio, and Guayama Puerto Rico, and to see real like cowboys with boots with spurs and hats and all really tickled my fancy but the best part was one of the cowboys had an I-phone. So now we are off to Billing Montana then to Bozeman Montana. I can’t wait for more beauty, adventure and food. 🙂

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