I depend on the kindness of strangers to push my VW, OR Pushing my VW across America

Well all the work on the Cabrio did not cover all the possibilities. As we were driving though the beautiful Bear tooth pass going into Yellowstone a few days ago the starter went out at on of the stops. Luckily I have a manual, so we have been able to push start it each time. Now that I am back in a city for a few days, I may fix it, if I can find a starter. It has been great to see how many friendly people stop to help give us a push. Thank you to all the good Samaritans out there!
The car still is getting 34 MPG+ even with us leaving it on whenever we can, and going though all the mountains. AAA has saved us about $26 so far too 🙂
Yellowstone was amazing! We will probably go back for one more day there. I will probably not post the pictures yet, I took over 1000, and I think Isabel took about that many also! We have seen a number of animals too. I will post more on them later, along with more on a cool Haunted hotel we stayed the night in Red Lodge. Off we go to the Sweet Pea Festival and the computer history museum here in Bosmon.

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4 Responses to I depend on the kindness of strangers to push my VW, OR Pushing my VW across America

  1. Justin S says:

    Hey, just like Little Miss Sunshine! Except you don’t have a body in the back seat. I hope!

  2. lol, not yet… Give me some time 😉

  3. Jennifer says:

    But I totaly can see Izzy doing that dance she does in the movie….

    Sorry to hear you ran in to trouble..

  4. i think i know you says:

    That’s not trouble, that’s an Adventure! 🙂 Trouble would have been if the car was an automatic.

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