Bozeman Montana, a really cool city

We just spent the day in Bozeman, Montana. It turned out to be one of the cooler cities I have been in. A medium sized collage city, it is less then 2 hours from Yellowstone. You may have seen the historic downtown in movies like “A river runs though it” or “The horse whisperer”. It has a thriving art community and all the things you would expect in a college town, along with lots of tourism and the likes. Just a few cool things I found while here: Free public transportation. It’s very dog friendly, every one has a friendly dog and they are allowed to go into stores, they even have a doggie cookie store. Bikes and pedestrian traffic is well respected also. There are more high quality bikes on the road then cars I would say. They also have some cool bike shops in town. Great views, you can look outside in any direction and see mountains or wilderness in the background. Like most of the west, everyone is very friendly here too. But most importantly, I found two places to get great tea within minutes of being downtown. 😉 Over all it reminded me of Bloomington, IN only about 10 times better, and right next to Yellowstone.

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