Tatter Pigs and Peppermint Lemonade…

We tried something new to eat today. They might be somewhat local, or just new to us. A Tatter Pig is a baked potato, with a hole cut out of it, and a sausage stuck in the middle. It’s then covered with lots of baked potato toppings. It tasted great! It has a sister dish called Tatter Holes, made of the spent holes of the Tatter pig, comes toped with sour cream.
We also ordered a Peppermint lemonade. Isabel was rather thirsty, so when they handed her a whole lemon with a peppermint stick stuck in it, the look was priceless. They explained to her, you are suppose to push the peppermint stick in and out of it, breaking down the lemon, then drink the sweetened juices. It did not work that well for her. She immediately dropped the peppermint stick down her shirt. The in the next few minutes broke the stick in half.
I will post pictures of them later.

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