Yellowstone America’s First National Park(Isabel)

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I’ve been to London, I’ve been to France but never have I seen something so beautiful and gorgeous as Yellowstone National Park. I was there Wednesday, and Thursday and will be back tomorrow. We spent the first day driving from Red Lodge to Yellowstone. We took the famous beartooth highway! It is a gorgeous, honestly you can not see such natural beauty and not believe there is a god or a higher power. It is the most spiritual, enlightening zen place I have ever seen, I’ve taken over 1000 pictures but have not been able to upload them all because of lack of Internet, the mountains is a bit away from civilization. After driving through beartooth mountain and mistaking a marmot for a prarie dog(we bought a book afterwords to not make the same mistake again) We entered the North east entrance of Yellowstone! We spent the day driving around and seeing beauty when suddenly a giant Biason walked right by us! We were in the convertible (see Andy’s blog about the care and it just trotted right next to us I could have reached over and pet a buffalo, I new we were off to a good start since I made it a goal to myself to see a Buffalo, an Elk, a Moose, a wolf and a bear. We drove through catching the sights and walked all the way down the yellowstone canyon to see the river we were not able to see the water falls becaues they were making repairs and it over flowed. After that we made out way to see the norris geysers, at which time my camera decided to die :(. But it was beautiful we were there around the sun set, and it is true Yellowstone is the earth history book, it is breathtaking and something I think every person should experience.

It was late as we were leaving and we were very lucky to get a cabin at the historic military housing by Mamoth springs, we got there late at night so we didn’t see how beautiful the road was till we woke up the next morning but we did drive through a very steep scary cliff late a night and I was very glad I wasn’t driving.

The next day we walked through mammoth springs, and we went down to visit old faithful. We hoped to see Gibbon Falls but because of road construction we were not able to see it. Mammoth springs is gorgeous and I can’t write down and describe with words everything we saw. It was filled with hot springs and natural and natural sculptures. When we went to Old Faithful it was everything we expected the first eruption was a dud and didn’t go as high but we decided to hike 200 feet and saw the best view in the house and saw a gorgeous high eruption! Unfortunately it was raining so when we went to see some of the famous colorful pools it was very steamy.

Then the kicker came as we left old faithful Andy got really sick from some soup we ate earlier in the day, he got so sick he started to shiver and couldn’t drive, so I had to drive us out of Yellowstone. If you know the geography of Yellowstone Old faithful is in the Southern part, and we were on our way to Bozeman MT which is in the Northern part so I had to drive from Old faithful, all the way up, through those scary cliffs! I grew up in Puerto Rico and there are a lot of cliffs, but this by far was the scariest thing I’ve ever driven on. I was praying the whole way up and out, thanks to God I made it out and Andy’s fever started to break, and as we were leaving the park the animal I wanted to see the most walked up by the car. A beautiful magical wolf, it walked in front of us looked at us and then walked away. Andy says that the wolf came out of nowhere. It was mainly a white wolf, the most gorgeous animal I have ever seen. Maybe it was a sign that everything was ok, maybe it was some sort of guardian angel. But is was definitely magical.

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