The National Music Museum, a hidden treasure in South Dakota

This was possibly the biggest surprise of the trip. On our last day, as we were about to leave Sioux Falls, SD we had a few minor things on our list to check out. A few more giant Muffler Men along I90 heading east and a small Museum kind of out of the way, the National Music Museum. We knew we had a long drive ahead of us, so we thought about skipping the museum sense it was about an hour or more south of our route. Luckily Isabel had the good idea that we should change out route to head down to I80 instead, so we could hit it on that way. I am sure glad we did!

Located on the campus of the University of South Dakota, in a some what hard to find, modest sized, and modestly labeled building we planed on only spending an hour at most. We were shocked, it was amazing. It has tons of rare instruments from many eras, and many countries. What really made it cool though was the iPack self guided tour. It included TONS of audio information and music samples of the instruments in use, all at your finger tips. It was great to hear what you are looking at being played, right after you hear a brief history of it.

They had a ton of great exhibits that I really enjoyed. Things like, harpsichords that are still played, a HUGE violin and viola collection with many strats and other MORE rare kinds, and organs from all over. They also have a huge brass collections that include the company in Elkhart that made my Trumpet! What’s that? Your not into classical instruments or marching bands? How about instruments from around the world, places like Japan, India, China, Indonesia, Africa, and many more? They even have a bell collection from Indonesia that is the only one to exist out side of the country. Even better though, they once a year put on a concert with them, and have videos of it on the tour. What you want more modern “American” music? Well how would you like to see Bob Dylan’s Guitar? Or maybe Johnny Cash’s favorite guitar? They have them too, along with many others in the HUGE guitar section. They literally have something for anyone that loves music or heck even just likes it. I would highly recommend anyone stop by to check this place out. Oh and one more thing, it’s only a $7 DONATION to get in.

They have an awesome site with a virtual tour also, check it out!

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