I finally finished Tea Pal 1.0 for Palm WebOS!

After a few months of learning and coding, my Tea application is finally done! It was just submitted to Palm, so I hope they approve it with no problems. I posted the description and screen shots here on my webpage, check them out!

If this gets approved I will begin my next application. I am planing on doing one a month. It was a great learning experience . This was the first time I really worked a lot with Javascript(before I was only coping and pasting the code snippets I needed), and to be honest, I really like it.

Palm uses the prototype framework, so lots of things are just plan easy. For example, working with JSON files was extremely easy. BTW JSON files are much much nicer and in this case efficient to work with then XML files. Also I honed my CSS and style sheet skills. Because webOS is at the core web based, webkit to be exact, it renders everything similar to a webpage. On that note, I also got to play with HTML 5, sense I did not have to worry about making sure IE could view my work.

I was happy with most of the graphics I made also. I used Photoshop CS4 for most of the PNG transparency files and backgrounds. I will probably be revising a few things by the next update.

One of the most enjoyable parts of making the app, was the Tea Knowledge section. I wanted to write a few quick articles about tea, mostly notes and how tos. I ended up  writing 18 articles with about 20 pictures instead. It felt good to clear out the amassed knowledge of tea that had been building up in my head over the years! It almost made be feel like I was knowledgeable on the something 😉 I bet I will be quickly corrected by my soon to be customers though. Check it out, and download it when its approved! If you have any comments, bugs, corrections,  or suggestions let me know.

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