is an Amazing Music Adventure!

Maybe this is old news to many of you, but if you have not checked out the website you are missing out on a wonderful music experience. I have been using it for almost a week all day every day, while I work. It uses an innovative and fun, quest based system to help you explore new music. The sixty one has many game aspects, like experience points and levels. The higher you get, the more songs you can rate, and the more important your opinion is in the ranking system.  It links up with facebook and includes many social networking features that make it easy to share your favorites, make playlists, and explore your friends favorites.

If your a musician even better! You can upload music, share it for free, or even sell it. It will let you post lots of info including concert dates, and your bio. They also support creative commons releases. It also has an option for record labels to join and discover you.

The interface is the best part though. It is clean, effective, and gives each artist the opportunity to create a very artistic full screen, changing page. Forget a cd case, this gives you so much more freedom and information. Another very nice feature is the ability to navigate the entire site, and not have the music stop, or have any trouble getting back to the full screen page.

Some genres may not have as much as others(blues is a bit low), but they do have a lot of great indy music, I have not had to repeat after a few hundred songs listened too. I highly recomend you try, you will be happy you did.

Oh feel free to friend me, my user name is cooolate. That’s right it has an extra o.

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