using the “cloud” to self diagnose and treat medical conditions

Imagine your doctor just told you have a medical condition. One you may never have heard of. You get home google it, read all about it, and learn the dizzying array of treatments, medications, home remedies and lifestyle changes that all claim to help. What if you could ask someone that has the same problem as you what worked and didn’t work for them? What if you could ask a 1000 people and have them rate how effective each was? That’s kind of how CureTogether works.

This free site, will survey you what symptoms you have, possible causes, and ask you to rate treatments you have tried. Once you have done that, you can look and see what other people have tired, comments they have had on the treatments, and their rating. It is completely anonymous and your information is kept private. Things get really useful when enough people have submitted their results. You can sort by effectiveness, and see info charts that show what treatments are popular and which work well. Do you have a good home remedy or new treatment to add? You can quickly and easily add it, rate it, and give any feedback you like on it. After you add it other users will get a notice that there is a new treatment option available. After they try it, they can rate it, and further improve over all analysis of the effectiveness is has.  Your disease, condition or disorder not listed yet? Thats ok to, you can add it, and start the collaboration. The site also offers a number of other services and information too, things like daily tracking of personal health variables and quick guides on disease and health.  It is an amazing and  useful resource that shows us the power of group collaboration the internet can bring. I highly recommend it.

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  1. Daniel Reda says:

    Hi Andy,

    Thank you for the positive and well-written review of CureTogether!

    Daniel (CureTogether CoFounder)

  2. Daniel, Thank you for making such a great site!

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