Google notes… Yoga poses to flatten the stomach?

Occasionally, I will search for something, find a bunch of information and want to distill it down to a “best of” or summery if you will. Well that’s what this is. If you have any interest in yoga, strengthening your core muscles, or flattening your stomach, check out the videos and sites I found. If not pass on this low interest post….

Yoga is not a competition nor is it about making yourself look a certain way. That does not meen that yoga will not make you look and feel better though. I was looking for some specific poses to help get rid of or shrink my gut, and strengthening my core muscles. Obviously you should not JUST do these, and nothing else, but they will help you do other posses too. Even if you can’t do them all, remember to try try and focus on the breath, it will help. Some are cheesy and not so good others are good. If you find any more you like, or have a comment, let me know!

Site with some good poses and descriptions:

Beth Shaw has some decent poses:

Video is a bit wonky, but the idea is sound. Focus on Your breathing.

Very simple, would be a good place to start for many.

Simple pose to get you started.

Looks simple, but some of these are more advanced, do your best, and even trying will help!

This is more of an exercise with a ball. Good for your core.

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