Before you hate BP, look in the Mirror….then hate BP

Everyone seems to be jumping on the hate BP band wagon. Maybe thats not a bad thing. Well no maybe about it, it is a good thing. What is most concerning about the situation is BP is not the only bad oil company. As far as evil oil companies they are kind of the standard. Exon never even paid the fines for the Valdieze spill. In 2003, Greenpeace listed Exxon as #1 Climate Criminal.  They spend huge sums every year funding global warming skeptics. They still use the same single hull ships that have caused a number of spills. Oh then there are a number of human rights violations. Citgo, owned by the Venezuelan government has a horrible track record.  Chevron has done major damage to Ecuador and Angola and Niger Delta to name a few. Not to mention they own the rights to a number of battery patents and will not let anyone make them.  Shell has the record for the largest fresh water spill.

All the big oil companies are pure evil, and few would argue with that. But it is time we look in the mirror. This is our own fault. We depend on oil and gas way to much. It is our oil consuming selves we need to put blame on too. We enable and have created this situation. We drive to big of cars, to fast, and wastefully. We need to really support EV efforts and stop blocking alternative energy development. We need to support wind and solar, not nuclear, and stop giving subsidies, tax breaks and incentives to big oil. Gas prices need to go up, period. That’s the only way to make people care. That might be thinking to big though. We really are talking about personal choices here. If you own an SUV, unless you have 10 kids, sell it. Does your car get less then 30 mpg? Stop driving it. Next time you speed away from the light, remember your enabling BP and all its friends. Next time your buying a car, think of fuel economy, not cup holders. If you can a ford one of the EV’s buy one, not a sports car. Have a commute to work? Carpool. Take the bus, train or ride your bike when ever you can. It’s time we look in the mirror and put some of the blame where its due.

From Wikipedia-Chart of the major energy companies dubbed "Big Oil", sorted by latest published revenue

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