Fried Zucchini! One of my favorite comfort foods!

My dad just gave me a TON of great veggies form his garden today. That included lots of zucchini. Which would happen to be my favorite squash. One of my fondest summer memories growing up, would be waking up to the smell of fried zucchini on a Saturday morning. My dad would wake up earlier, work on the garden and pick fresh zucchini. Then he would fry a lot of them up. The smell would wake me up, my room was right above the kitchen, and I would go down for that green breakfast. It would never be quite done when I came down, so I am sure I was rather annoying as I would watch and ask if it was done yet. The longer you could wait for it cook, the better it always seemed to get. Then when it got done, there was always that wait for it to cool, it seemed like an eternity over the wonderful aroma of cooked zucchini.

I decided to cook up a batch for a midnight snack tonight.

It is a really simple recipe, that it seems few people have had in their lives. Just simply slice up a few zucchini with the slicing side of a box shredder and cook in some butter. Add salt and pepper. Thats it! Really it is not “fried”, more in the sense cooked down, like fried cabbage or sautéed I suppose would be the word? Anyway Yum!

My Fried Zucchini!

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