www.uvumi.com Another Great Source of Great Independent Music Discovery

I have been using another great website a lot lately to find new music. Although I still use thesixtyone.com probably more, I really like some other features Uvumi.com offers. It has better event and concert tracking, and also makes it easier to look at other media for each artist. I also like the “add to queue” option. So basically I can look around, add some music that looks interesting to my playlist and then go back to working, or whatever else I am doing, and hear what I found. If I like something, I can go back and rate it, comment on it, or queue up other songs by the artist. That was always something I wanted on youtube, or other places that I have searched for music before. It also has some nice options for genre surfing and a really great search engine that will let you play all your results. The site also has very nice user and artist networking, it seems a lot easier to connect then other sites. It is as if Facebook was done right, just for music artists. It is much easier to be become a fan of an artist or friend them then it is on thsixtyone. After your a fan, you will get updates when they add songs, or post concerts. They also have a number of tools for musicians to market themselves or promote their music. The charts playlist is another very handy feature I really like. You can find some of the hottest music and play though it. I like that it has a calendar mode, and other options, so I can look back further and see what was hot a few months back.

I highly recommend you check uvumi.com out, and discover some great music.

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