eMusic Sells out, but I discover mtraks.com

This month eMusic signed yet another deal with another major label. There obsession with expanding their catalog and competing with iTunes has further diluted the chances of finding a good song. They also rose the costs again, and got rid of the one song per credit method. Now you get a monthly allowance to buy songs for around 49 cents each. When I saw Britney Spears newest album on the front page, it was the last straw, I canceled my auto renew, and will be done with them in December. It is really sad, because they still have lots of great independent music.

The good news or really great news though is that I discovered www.mtraks.com They are everything eMusic was. For plans starting at $10 a month you can start downloading. Their best value plan works out to 27 cents a song. They focus on independent music, so if you are looking for anything else you will probably not find it. Their tag line is even “Independent music for independent minds.” That said they claim to have over 1 million songs! The files are  good quality, DRM free MP3’s. Another neat feature they include is the ability to search for music in your area. I was able to find and buy a number of albums form artists from Chicago. Like eMusic they also let you search for a mainstream artist and get suggested similar artists that are independent that you might like. They include the standard charts and basic searches of course too, although I would love to see more options or ways to search top songs. The community does not seem as well developed as I expected, but it has lots of room to grow and improve. Check out their site and about page for more information www.mtraks.com/page/about I am really liking it and at this point highly recommend it! They have a free 30 downloads now too, so I suggest you give it a try.

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