VW have water in the oil? It might not be that bad!

So you go to check your oil in your Volkswagen, and you notice it is frothy and creamy! You have white looking oil on your fill cap! OH NO, you have water in the oil! Don’t worry to much yet. Head gaskets don’t go out very often on VW’s and rarely with out warning. It can commonly be caused by a few MUCH cheaper issues.

First step is to determine if it is water or coolant. If your coolant has not gone down at all, its likely just water. Also VW coolant is UV reactive, so you can use a black light and see it it lights up like your coolant does. (Remember to always use the VW antifreeze that is right for you, wether it is g12 or whatever.)

If it is just water, there is a very good chance it is just your PCV valve. Most local parts stores DO NOT have the right one, even if they say they do. You will have to go to the dealer or www.germanautoparts.com It will set you back about $60. Also grab a new gasket around it while your at it.

This will be on top your engine.

If you do have antifreeze in the oil, then there is a very good chance it is the oil cooler. Not to be confused with the air cooled oil coolers on vw’s of yester years. This one, if your car has one, is right above the oil filter. It is a small box, with one coolant line going in and one going out.  It can go bad, and leak into your oil. Also another part only the dealer, or www.germanautoparts.com has. It is about $50, although, I highly recommend you buy the surrounding hoses at this time, as it is a royal pain to remove, and will probably get damaged. Getting the nut that holds it on, off, also can be tricky. Mine was a 17mm, and had to be a deep socket.

Oil cooler, on top of oil filer


After you have fixed it, you will want to change your oil, and if it was coolant, also change the coolant. I also added some seafoam to get any extra water out that might be hiding. If you changed the PCV valve also change your air filter, and clean your MAF/MAP sensor, oil more then likely got on it.

Keep an eye on things for a few weeks to make sure it was nothing else. Hopefully you will not see any more water, if you do, get it pressure checked, in case it is a head gasket.

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