Best Boxers EVER…

It is very rare you will hear me sing the praises of a underwear web site, but this place is special. For men there are few places to get great quality, well made, and fun undergarments, is one of those places.

City boxers makes all their own boxers, no cheap imports. They even try to get as much cloth as they can locally at their Maine factory. They make fine, high quality, fully customizable undies, right here in the USA with 100% cotton or silk. The best part, you can order them anyway you want and then they will make them custom, with your pick of cloth, length, width, over all bagginess, fly type,  button, elastic, and more! You can really have them make EXACTLY what you want. They also have a huge selection of materials, and patterns. So if you want a Hawaiian pattern, they have it. Want organic cotton? Check. Flannel? Got that too.

Sure they cost a bit more then something you buy at Walmart, BUT they will last you MUCH longer, feel great, and are made here in the Unites States, not china. Plus they always have some on sale, so if you buy them, it might even be cheaper! Women have a ton of options for high end undergarments, its time MEN get some options too. So go and treat yourself today!

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