Lincoln Highway Adventure 2011!

Yesterday we just finished the Lincoln Highway Adventure of Indiana. It was a fun filled day, that lasted ALL day, we left about 8:30, and did not get home until after 10pm! This was the first annual event put on by Indiana Landmarks, and Indiana Lincoln Highway Association. What did we do on the adventure? Read on!

An example of the markers that originally marked the way across the US.

The Lincoln Highway was the first coast to coast road in the United States. Starting in New York and ending in San Francisco, if was the planed by a fellow Hoosier, Carl Fisher. Named after Abraham Lincoln and opening in 1913. Read more about it on wiki.  This year the trip focused on the 1913 and 1928 routes on the west half of the state. In short, you travel the original route, at the same time as everyone else on the adventure. Along the way, you stop at various checkpoints, and points of interest.  This was an extremely well organized trip, and full of fun and interesting things to see.  In the included goodie bag, you get a turn by turn book, with distances, pictures, points of interest with background history, and lots of interesting tidbits. It also has good places to eat, and hidden, abandoned stretches of the original road. They include GeoCashes for those who want to do that, and a fun scavenger hunt. You also get many other side, slef guided tours in the bag, along with a souvenir pin, and car pennant plate.

Along the way, you meet many interesting friendly co-travelers. Many drive vintage or classic cars. There are some great places to eat, that you will run into them at, and have great conversations. The organizers took great care in finding and warning all the landmarks they could along the way. Places like the Old Republic in New Carlisle have staff ready to answer your questions, or give you a tour. There are also small museums to see, along with special Lincoln Highway exhibits, and a number of historic parks to check out also.

The weather was great, only a few minutes of rain, so we were able to keep the top down most of the trip. It was a great day long road trip, that reminded me Indiana has some great places to drive though off the beaten path. I certainly will participate next year!


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