Avoid Reedsburg, Wisconsin if you are from out of town!

So if for some reason you are have to go though or visit Reedsburg, Wisconsin, I highly recommend you change your plans. Get a route around the place, avoid it like the plague. This small town of 10,000 has a large police force largely funded by out of towners caught making the mistake of entering the city limits.

We recently made this mistake. We entered the city limits and soon after a police car began to follow us, after a 10 minutes of no mistakes, he pulled us over, to “check us out”. After a long wait he came back with a ticket for a “no registration”. I had the registration, he did not ask for it, and when I showed it to him, he did not care, he said take it to the police station. So we did, and they said, sorry, you will have to fight it in court. The earliest court date was over 2 weeks away, so there was no way to make it back in town for it. I looked online, and called my BMV and my registration is valid and paid, and when I sent this information to the prosecutor, they just sent a letter back saying it would not be dismissed, and I owed the $100 fine or I would lose my license. It was like I was in a Kafka book, where I had to answer to people making up there own laws.

After more research I found this is a common way for them to make money. I made the mistake of going there, but you don’t have to, avoid this place.

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