6 Months with my Pebble smart watch and I still like it better then the Apple watch

With the launch of the Apple watch just a few days ago, I wanted to make a post about my beloved Pebble. I have an original Red Pebble not the steel one, and it has become my daily watch. I have always been a watch lover, never without, but I had not liked any of the smart watches yet. I defiantly did not like their prices, WAY to high for me. Although I did get my Pebble as a birthday gift, I know it was less then $100. I do like the Apple watch, but it is way to much money, and the things I really care about my Pebble smokes it at. The Pebble gets 7 days of battery life, it is water proof (full, not just resistant), and it’s easy to develop for. Now I was/am excited about the Apple Watch I admit that, but for 3x the cost, and to not beat the Pebble at the basics I am sticking with the Pebble. I AM really wanting to get the new Pebble color, but thats another post.

When ever a tech person gets a new “toy” they hail all the bells and whistles and use it for everything for a few weeks then it sits in disuse after the newness wears off. Not the case with the Pebble. Notifications are of course the killer app that I use all the time, but many times a day I use the tea timer, weather, and music control apps. I also use the Bike+ app every time I go on a bike ride, it’s the perfect biking companion. I also still use the Yelp, compass, and turn by turn mapping when I travel. It all just works great on a very clear and simple display.

No I realize I sound like a Pebble fanboy and maybe I am, BUT I do admit there is plenty of room to grow. Many things look like they will be added in the newest version even, although I still want a heart rate monitor. I am sure in a number of years we will have full blood tests, right there, on our wrists. It feels very much like I am in the early days of wearable electronics and the Pebble is a Commodore 64. It is basic, fun, and although limited, very powerful. It also feels like an early Casio calculator watches, very useful, but not yet mainstream or 100% cool. Although honestly I would argue it always gets positive looks, and is relatively stylish (the pebble that is). Not as much as the Apple Watch will be, but that’s ok. The Pebble is more of a hipsters, everyman alternative. It could be compared to an early Nokia candy bar phone, very well designed for what can be done so far, but we know in 5 years we will look back and go wow, is that all it could do, while at the same time know it was somehow like a C64, very special.


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