Kitchen upgrades, made in the USA!

So over the years I have acquired a number of frustrating low quality kitchen tools. I love to cook and work in my kitchen so I decided it was time to upgrade my tools. Unfortunately it was a little harder then I thought to work out the “best” ones, nothing at local big box stores was any good. After a bunch of research, here are some that I bought, and really really like. I wanted to share them so you don’t have to spend days researching such things. They are also all made right here in the USA, which is even better. Another bonus, they are all not even that much money, way cheaper in cost then the low quality ones made in China at box stores.

I have included links to Amazon, but most of these are available in MANY other stores. Check your local restaurant supply store, it is always a great place to look for good affordable cooking gear and ask questions.

My first target was a new spatula. With no Spatula City in my town, I had to look else ware. A good spatula are one of the most important tools in a kitchen, right behind a good knife, it is an extension of your hand for anything in the pan. I use it for stir fry, eggs, saute, grilling, pancakes, etc. It has to have a good balance and feel too. This one is great, I can even do finger spins and catches easily with it, just like at a hibachi grill show(ok, will kind of, I still drop it a bunch).

Dexter-Russell Stainless Steel and Walnut Pancake Turner

Tongs turned out harder then I thought, I did eventually find two really good options. I got one of each in diffrent sizes. They both are made of stainless steel and much thicker metal then the junk ones I had before.

Vollrath Scalloped Tong

Edlund Company Duty Tong with Lock

Whips and Egg beaters may seem simple, because well they kind of are. At lease that is what I thought. My old one, was hard to clean, hurt my hand if I had a bunch of eggs to make, and eventually started to rust! Not true with this one! It is a DREAM. Extremely good quality, it is made of stainless steel, and has a wonderful hand feel. I can beat eggs all day long and not get sore hands.

Best Manufacturers Standard French Whip

Can openers tend to be electric and fancy these days. They have all kinds of bells and whistles, they will tweet when you open a can, give you travel recommendations, and… Well I don’t want all of that. I wanted a good, no GREAT, reliable manual can opener. One that works when I have no power. One I can pass on to my grandkids, and sharpen over the years. Luckily I found a classic, one basically unchanged from the 1950’s and still made in the USA. It has a replaceable blade, and is geared so its easy to turn. It has thick rubber handles too, so its not hard to clamp ether. It weighs 3x as much as my old one, which was ok until they broke. Thank God they did, because I had no idea how easy a can could be to open by hand with this new can opener! The name of the company is strange”Made in USA can opener”, it’s a marketing ploy, the original company name is still referenced on the package though.

Made in USA Can Opener


All of the companies listed here sell other kitchen tools that are all made in the USA and all very good quality. So check out what else they have.



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