Dirty Shoe Diary – Ethletic

Brand:  Ethletic
Year:  2016
Size: 10 / 44
Comfort:  Ok to good. Very flexible, but thin sole. It felt like walking barefoot, which was nice in the house, but not good for walking on any rocks or even standing in on cement.
Breathability: Great, like having nothing on.
Weight: Very light.
Environment: Great! Organic, and FSC certified
Ethics: Fair trade! Also a number of other worker certifications!
Where Made: India and Pakistan  
Vegan: Yes! PETA approved even.
Longevity: Sadly they wore out very fast. They did not seem to be well made at all.
Style: I loved the look of them. Once again better then converse.
Best for: Light walking, great for indoor use. Thin sole allows you to feel every pebble for better or worse. 
Interesting features:  Being fair trade and organic!
Comments: I had a hard time getting these. Finding a retailer in the UK that would ship to the USA was tricky. One importer had been sued by Converse(Nike) and ceased bringing them here. I had very high hopes for them and was really excited to get them. Unfortunately they turned out to be a low quality disappointment, especially for the premium price. I really hope they improve quality because the company has some other styles I really like!