Dirty Shoe Diary – Keen

Brand:  Keen
Year:  2014
Size: 11 / 44.5
Comfort:  Very good! Lots of toe room and a thick supportive insole. 
Breathability: OK, they are leather, so get warm.
Weight: Medium or more.
Ethics: Very good. This small Portland, OR company makes efforts to improve working conditions, and often makes donations to charity. They also make some shoes in the USA.
Where Made: Thailand 
Vegan: no, leather. They sell vegan shoes too though.
Longevity: Well made, put lots of miles on them. Lasted over a year with weekly use. 
Style:  Looked sharp other then the toe seemed a bit big to me. 
Best for: Heavy walking, where you want warmth. 
Interesting features:  Bottom was intentionally covered in lots of little zig zag cuts to improve traction and flexibility.  
Comments: A nice style paired with a good company, I would buy them again but probably not in leather. I might go narrower or would look for a smaller toe.