Dirty Shoe Diary – SOM Footwear SP-L3

Brand: SOM(Sense of Motion) Footwear
Year:  2015
Size: 11
Comfort:  Very comfortable, roomy, barefoot feel. Large toe area gives lots of room in these lightweight minimalists shoes. They are zero-drop and have a very thin, flexible bottom, so you have to get used to them, but after a week or two they feel great!
Breathability: Extremely good. Sides are made with “WeatherMAX 65” polyester material that allows lots of air flow. Insole is EVA, which gives great bottom breathability. 
Weight: Very light. 214 grams
Environment: Great! As they are made in USA with locally sourced materials. Materials used do not use extra chemical coatings to get waterproofing properties. They mention waste saving initiatives on about page as well. They also offer resoling of worn out shoes which is very nice. 
Ethics: Made in USA, and anyone can stop and see them being made. 
Where Made: 100% USA (Colorado)
Vegan: Yes
Longevity: Extremely good so far, at over a year now in weekly rotation they are still almost as good as new. Plus with free resoling, I will be able to get even more time out of them.
Style: They look a bit more casual then some might like, but they are still nice enough for me to wear to work. The toe is also very wide for comfort, and looks wide. They have an “outdoor” look to them, which might not match all styles. 
Best for: Great outdoor shoe. Being waterproof, and durable its a no brainer. But they are really good for anything you might have always wanted to do barefoot, for example they are a great driving shoe and work well on bike rides. Long city walking is also a great match for these shoes.   
Interesting features:  Being made in the USA is a huge feature. The light, minimalist, zero drop design is also really neat and unique. Being waterproof and still breathable is also great. They also can be taken on and off faster then any other shoe I have owned, making them my go to “running out the door” shoe. Being anti-microbial and machine washable is also quite handy. 
Comments: I have really come to love these shoes. It did take a few weeks to get used to the zero drop and diffrent “more natural” shape, but after I did, I loved them. They are light, comfortable and made in the USA. Foot sweating almost entirely goes away with them, probably one of the best for it, especially when you consider they are anti-microbial. They are in my weekly rotation and I will surely buy another pair. Highly recommended.


Other notes, info:


SOMs: Comfortable, Lightweight, & Durable

From description:

Inspired by the pinyon trees on the nearby Colorado Plateau, you won’t want to leave home without the SP-L3 Pinyon Green. It looks just as good with your active gear as it does with your favorite jeans.

SOM Footwear is compatible with Correct Toes toe spacers.SOM Footwear is proudly made in the USA.

Jump into our fan favorite SP-L3. For maximum comfort, our wide toe box and soft flexible sole allow natural foot function. The lightweight design and zero drop mimic the feeling and health benefits of being barefoot. Our team has tested the SP-L3 in the rugged Rocky Mountains (our backyard) and our customers use them for just about everything from the extreme to everyday wear.

All of our shoes are proudly handmade in the USA and ship directly from our factory in beautiful Montrose, Colorado. Our shoes run true to American Standard Sizes (please see our sizing chart). We make your online buying experience simple and enjoyable with FREE and EASY returns and exchanges.

Tech Specs:

 Upper The upper is constructed of WeatherMAX 65, which offers long term strength retention with excellent breathability and abrasion resistance. The HydroMAX finish raises the bar of hydrostatic performance and delivers unsurpassed water repellency, mildew and oil resistance without relying on environmentally unfriendly coating compounds. WeatherMAX 65 has antimicrobial properties and compliments our high quality light mesh which adds extra breathability, without compromising the WeatherMAX’s water resistant properties. Our highest quality leather and abrasion resistant rubber protect the toes, sides and heels from terrain. Looking for a little extra warmth for the colder months? Add a Viscose Bamboo lining.

Want to compare CORDURA® fabric to WeatherMAX 65? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Insole Our ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) insole offers excellent moisture absorption and comfort.

For your convenience, all of our insoles are removable. This feature allows you to use your own insole or orthodic insert if necessary.

Outsole Our 8mm Vibram™ high-quality sole provides an excellent grip on rocks and other slick or wet surfaces. It is remarkably soft and flexible for unsurpassed light weight comfort. 
Weight One size 9 shoe weighs just 7.55 oz (214 g).
At SOM, our philosophy is QUALITY over QUANTITY. We produce all of our shoes on demand- every pair is produced individually, specifically for it’s future owner. Since all of our shoes are handcrafted with the highest quality standards and attention to detail, your order will be ready for shipment in approximately 8-12 days.