Dirty Shoe Diary – Timberland Earthkeepers

Brand:  Timberland
Year:  2015
Size: 10.5 / 44.5
Comfort: Good, until they started to wear out. 
Breathability: Good
Weight: Medium
Environment: Great! Made of organic cotton, and recycled material. Also recyclable. 
Ethics: Better then average working conditions and high ratings by 3rd party inspectors.
Where Made: Vietnam 
Vegan: Not sure
Longevity: Fairly well made, but they wore out and became uncomfortable before they looked worn out. Lasted 6 month to 10 months in a weekly cycle.
Style:  Decent casual oxford
Best for: Medium to low amount of walking.
Interesting features:  Earth friendly
Comments: They or styles like them are still made by the company. They were good enough I would and probably will buy again.