Dirty Shoes Diary – Simple Shoes – CAReen

Brand: Simple Shoes
Year: 2008
Size: 11/44.5
Comfort: Very comfortable
Breathability: Very good
Weight: Light
Environment:  100% recycled materials, made of tires, plastic bottles
Ethics: Yes, company had many programs, but was not fair trade
Where Made: China
Vegan: Yes
Longevity: Lasted years in weekly cycle.
Style: Great
Best for: Everyday, walking.
Interesting features: Light, fake suede look and feel. Very flexible.
Comments: One of my favorite shoes of all time. Very sad the company that owned them, discontinued all the Simple Shoes line. I had 6 other shoes from the company, all were great, but these were my first and favorite from them. I wore them until they fell apart.

img_1090 img_1091 img_1092 img_1093 img_1094 img_1095


News: Looks like the brand is kind of back again?

“Simple was purchased by a large footwear company and closed its doors in 2010. The brand laid dormant until a passionate group of footwear people, including early Simple designers, brought it back to life in October of 2014. We are busy working to bring back product from the past and to build relevant product for the future while, as always, keeping it Simple. 

OLD description from order:
“# Made from ISO 14001 suedes(man made)
# Lined in knit certified 100% organic cotton
# Ortholite/Recycled car tire pedbeds
# Yes, the outsole used to be a car tire
# 100% post-consumer paper pulp foot forms
# Ships in a totally state-of-the-art/back-to-the-future post-consumer recycled box
# Member of the ecoSNEAKS® collection & part of the BETTER category”