Foodaroo gets a few new features including Google maps.

I have cleaned up a few things, and added a few more features to the site over the past week. One of the biggest and most useful would be google maps integration. Now you can see all the restaurants on a zoomable map. Along with that, I also added better distance searching, so if your logged in, or have set your location, you now have the option to search by “Distance”.  This was a feature we had before, but is did not work nearly as well. Also new HTML5 geolocation code has been included, so if your at a restaurant you are adding or setting your location for a search, the site can use your phone or computers location information, saving you from having to enter an address. Another change I made, was making the site more accessible. It should now work better on most smart phones, mobile devices, and screen readers. Additionally a few security improvements finnish up the list. As always contact us, if you have any issues, suggestions or feature requests!

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