Chicago, East Chicago, Whiting, Hammond, and Calumet known for Seafood?

You may not know this, but the South East Chicago and the cities of East Chicago, Whiting, Hammond, and Calumet have a long history of great seafood. At one time, this area was a major seafood trade hub. Fish from the Great Lakes, shrimp from the Golf of Mexico and other seafood from the Atlantic Ocean would be traded at markets for distribution.

From this former trade heyday we can still benefit with some excellent eats. I highly recommend you exit of 80/90 or 94 for a detour in this area. You will find a number of small restaurants known for there fried or smoked fish. Some may look like a shack, and may not even have seating, but they are worth a try.  A few required tastings would have to include: Bob’s Shrimp in Hammond, IN -fried shrimp is sold by the lb. The jumbo fried fish are amazing. Calumet Fisheries, Chicago – Last place allowed to smoke fish in the city limits, this place has been open and family owned sense 1948. It is also located at the famous bridge the Blues Brothers drove their car over. The smoked fish will blow your mind.  Also you might want to check out Lawrence’s Fisheries in South East Chicago at 4151 West 26th. You will spot a number of other places along the way, and I recommend you take the plunge and try them. So which are your favorite ones? Let me know in the comments, or better yet, add them to foodaroo!


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  1. We ,who grew up in what is lovimhly called the Calumet Region, or just Region for short have not only a great history of high school basketball that verges on mania, but we are perhaps even more driven by food. Every event, party , social occasion, holiday , fridays, & even a quicky lunch snuck out unbeknowmst to the boss for a burger @ ole Pete & Mables of yore… Now, For roast beef, none better, well, there are, but ZELS AINT TOO SHABBY.with only a handful of them, the world class shakes , as a kidd were to fie for! Literally. Than we go south down from chicagos lake shore dri e , in Indiana better known as Indianapolis blvd. (For obvious reasons) or US 41. About 10 or so miles out on the boundry of ole lake michigan on the crossroads of America, intersection of US 41 & us 30 , better known as The lincoln Highway sits the crown jewel of the Cal iu met region pescotalian ( fish eating) experience! TEIBELS. Sitting kiddy corner from another chicagoland icon, White Castles. As a young adult, we would take our horses from the Silver Spur Ranch about 2 miles down the railroad tracks for their memorable lunches. The dining area is to be dressed in suite & tie, but one can always dress casual & enter @ the neon pink sign that says coffee shop. So one is not taken aback, dont let the name full you! The area has dining tables with comfortable chairs & white linen on the tables. The menu is quit comprehensive, but need I not digress, we are talking about fish. Imparticular, the much sought after, indiginous, Lake Perch.If one has eaten walleye, walleye is a relative to the lake perch & both have a similiar taste, although this autjir prefers perch, has been known to opt for the bigger cousin on occasion, & relished in the mwal accordingly!. whereas the walleye can be anywhere from a 1/2 lb up to say world record of 22lbs. 11 ounces, from Grears Ferry Arkansaw in 1982¡ On the other hand, The coveted Lake Perch, of which I’ve csught more than my fair share start in @ a small 3 or 4 inches, to 1/2 Lb. or world record of I prefer the lake perch on the smaller side, and Teibels has them in abundance.
    Bring your a game as far as an appetite. Everything is exquisite! Lake Perch can be had as a specoal, I believe until 3pm, but dont hold me to it. Please call ahead. The fish can be ordered eitger pan fried , broiled, or seared in butter. I recomend the bitter, but personel preferences rule. The , I believe is $14.95 with a generious portion. Mist will be satisfied with the lunch menu. If you are,a real,aficianado, thr dinner is all you can eat @ a wopping $27 & change! Dont get me wrong, I personally will opt for all you can eat, but I have a healthier apoetite than most as anyone who lnows me will tell youwe visited Teibels last in begining of may 2013. Coffeeshop was in order and as I wadnt buying, (thanks Sis) was ecplicitly told thos was a lubch meal. So I lnow what I’m talking about when I say the lunch Lake perch is more than,adequate. I was full after a wonderful, I believe, not sire but I planned on rice puddng for dessert. My mother, knowing Sis was foiting the bill ordered the chicken which she relishes , but usually eats the Perch! Tje potato,salad was so well liked that Beth brought a quart home, so o.e can order to go if so desired. The ewsyauramt is a stalwart of the region & holds i’d gueess a thousand peiple, biut I really have no idea. The parking lot is huge, & 41 & 30 busy, so whemn exiting, it is recomwnded that one goes with the flow of traffic & loojs for a turn,around @ a.light. ps. I allmost forgot, dont forget on,way in or out to pick up the toothpicks, & please tell me what you think of our little piece of heaven we call Teibels! Meny will be uploaded when I get to the calumet region, eitjer tuesday or wednesday, june 4th or 5th of 2013. How’d I do andy

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