Localized web Addresses for quick seaches!

While Foodaroo is already local, sometimes you want to search a little more local. To make it easier and quicker to set your home location, vs using the set location page. I have made a few general area web addresses for the regions that have the most restaurants. Just go to one of the following addresses to get your local independent eats in your home area.

southbend.foodaroo.com – South Bend and Mishawaka, IN

bloomington.foodaroo.com – Bloomington, IN

madison.foodaroo.com – Madison, WI

chicago.foodaroo.com – Chicago, IL

foodaroo.com – All in the database

More will be added as needed, let me know if you want one for your City! Or better yet, add more of the best restaurants in your area and I will just add one!

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