Free T-Shirt’s! From now until the end of April!

Thats right, you can get a free foodaroo T-Shirt! All you have to do is add 5 restaurants to Foodaroo by the end of April, and I will send you a T-Shirt in what ever size you like. Just login, click the add button, and submit your favorite restaurants. If you have an android phone you can add them right from your phone. To be sure you get enough its a good idea to submit more then 5, as someone else might submit it, just before you and get the credit.

The Rules:

  1. They must not already be on Foodaroo.
  2. You have to include at least one picture of the restaurant and at least one picture or scan of the menu.
  3. You have to add a cuisine tag.
  4. They can not be a chain, they must be independent restaurants.
  5. Information, address, and phone has to be complete and accurate or it will not count.
  6. They have to all be Submitted by Midnight April 30th. They do not have to be approved by then.
  7. Email when you have 5 or more submitted, with the size you would like, your name, address and username on foodaroo.
  8. Any location is allowed to add restaurants in the United States, other countries currently are not allowed.

Share your favorites and the best you know in town! And remember to have fun!

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