Photography has been one of my great passions most of my life. As a kid, I would drive my parents insane on family vacations burning up countless rolls of 110 film for my cheap little camera. When I got my first job, the very first thing I got was a Minolta X370 35mm camera. In high school, I photographed a few weddings.(I hate wedding photography, so don’t ask) In college I took many photography classes, and although I did not get a degree in photography, I got one in Film studies and later a general degree with a concentration in the arts. Then a few years ago I got my first digital SLR. I of course have many many pictures, but I am only posting my most recent, and only pictures I feel have a message or meaning to share. Photographing people has seldom been a favorite subject, but recently I am challenging myself to explore that area.  Along those lines, I might post pictures less refined or professional, with exploration and learning in mind.

Prints of all my pictures are available for purchase in any size, so if you see anything you like, feel free to contact me. Also I have a number of photo projects mounted and ready for show, if your interested.


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