CurrySimple Review and Recipe

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            This is my first use and general review of Grommet Curry Simple Sauce kit. I bought the Red Curry from there website. I am a big fan of Asian food, especially Thai. I often cook with great success, but have not had much luck making good Thai. So when I read about CurrySimple Grommet Thai sauces, I thought I would give it a try. It was reasonably priced(about $5) and came in a few days. They also accept Paypal, which is a plus for me. Shipping was a bit salty, so I plan to buy more then one next time to save of shipping. According to the website, the sauce is made overseas then shipped here, so it can't get much more authentic I would guess. I have made a little picture step by step of me making a meal with the sauce. I know with Thai you don't want to add to many things, but I often take the American approach and throw in everything that I have around. It came out great! The sauce pulled everything together and had a truly authentic restaurant taste. It was the quality of my favorite Thai restaurant in town(only much cheaper), as far as the sauce is concerned. Also another pleasant surprise was the amount I got out of it. They said it was about four servings, but maybe because I added so much, it was around six or so. If you are a Thai fan, I highly recommend you give this stuff a try. Right now you can only buy it on there web site, which is just as convenient for me.

Website to buy at:
Recommended ?: YES
Price: $5 for a 4 serving size + shipping

If my dish looks good and you want to try it, just follow the pictures and add in the order of the list.
    It includes:   
    An onion
    red pepper
    Snow peas
    a package of frozen Broccoli and cauliflower
    a few mushrooms
    Red CurrySimple Sauce

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